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Specifying JDBC connection properties for Blackfish SQL

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Recently, I needed to set the port for JDBC connection property for one of the Blackfish SQL databases we use on the Embarcadero Developer Network. After looking at the documentation online, I couldn’t find a way to set it in the connection string. (I’m not an expert on JDBC, but the port specification syntax appears to vary by vendor.)

So, I asked Adrian Andrei, and he referred to the source to determine the appropriate syntax.

You can specify some additional connection-specific properties as a name/value after the base connection string, like so:


In Blackfish SQL, the default port is 2508, so the following would set the default port:


This syntax should work in both JDBC URLs and programatically  if you are passing a Properties instance.

Written by John Kaster

March 16, 2010 at 9:09 am

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