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EDN Tip #2: Finding video and audio files on EDN

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A question from Alf Christophersen in the EDN website discussion forum regarding some of our older video files suggested the topic for this EDN tip.

With the switch from Borland, to CodeGear, to Embarcadero domains, and the retirement of, some of the urls you’ll still run across from search engines no longer work. Furthermore, specific references to playback files on, or won’t work either. Solutions for both these issues are listed in this tip.

Multimedia listings on EDN

We have special site areas on EDN to find our multimedia files. You can select the type of content you want to see by selecting,, or (for both audio and video) as your primary filter. Once you’ve selected the kind of media file you want, you can “drill down” into a special interest area, such as for presentations on Delphi database topics.

Updating playback file links on EDN

Links on the articles for the media you want to watch or listen to may be out of date as well, since we’ve retained all our content since launching the community site in 1999. For playback links containing,, or, you can use instead and they should all work.

If you find a playback link that doesn’t work when modified to use, let me know and I’ll see if I can locate an alternative source for it. I’d also like to clean up any content that can’t have its links fixed, so don’t be shy when telling us about broken playback links. 🙂

Channel E, the new Embarcadero media site

You can also look at, which is a new site explicitly for Embarcadero media. Some of the media files from EDN have already been migrated there.

I hope this tip helps you find the many valuable media resources available on EDN that will help you use our products.


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June 10, 2010 at 1:33 pm

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