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Single sign-on for BDN and QualityCentral

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We will soon be rolling out a new login procedure for QualityCentral that uses your BDN account login information.

When we initially created QC, we designed it so users could make their QC email address and password different than their BDN email and password by taking a snapshot of the current values when you sign up for QC. This feature has inadvertently caused a great deal of angst among QualityCentral users who have changed their BDN account information after setting up their QualityCentral account, and can no longer log in to QualityCentral.

Because of this support problem (and subsequent user frustration), we are changing the login methodology for QualityCentral to use a "single sign-on" with the BDN account information for the user.

When this change is implemented, the QC web service login method will be using your BDN account information to verify your login. Your current QC account information will no longer be used. This means you will only have to maintain your account information in one place.

This change will affect a large number of QC users, and hopefully address the login problem for the majority of them. Out of the total of 16,388 users we currently have registered in QualityCentral, 4,922 have password mismatches between their BDN and QC accounts (30.03%), and 1,928 have email mismatches (11.76%).

I’ll also post a notification to BDN and the QC newsgroup about this change. I am interested in your opinions on additional methods we should use to notify the affected users about this login change beyond posting the notice on the BDN web site and the QualityCentral newsgroup.

We’ll also update the Borland-provided clients to remind people to use their BDN account to login to QualityCentral.

Beyond these steps, my current plan is to send an email to each person whose QC account information differs from their BDN account information. If the email addresses are different, I’ll send the email to both email addresses, and also provide both the QC and BDN email addresses in the body of the email. If their passwords are different, the email will include a link to the forgotten password page so the password reminder email can be easily sent from there. The current BDN email address will need to be entered on that page.

Let me know what you think about this change and the steps to make the transition smooth, and any issues you foresee with this change. I want to make sure the login change goes as smoothly as possible and that people are able to conveniently use QualityCentral.

Thanks again for your support and attention.


Written by John Kaster

April 13, 2005 at 5:56 pm

Posted in EDN

2 Responses

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  1. Excellent, John. For me, I believe my QC password and BDN password are different, even though the email is the same.

    Try announcing the cutoff date say, 2 weeks to a month in advance.

    Also, provide a transition period where (hopefully) both email and passwords are accepted, and once the cutoff date is reached, switch over to the BDN email and password.

    Maybe your QC client can include a Message of the Day feature that is seldom activated, except for situations such as these, where it can inform the user about it.

    Chee Wee Chua

    April 15, 2005 at 12:39 am

  2. Chee Wee, consider this the announcement that the change is coming. Will provide firm date when I can.

    What would be the purpose of the transition period? Either you’ll know about the change or you won’t. Allowing both will simply increase the confusion.

    And I do want QC to support system-wide announcements. That’s been on my wishlist for a long time.

    Thanks for the suggestions and feedback.

    John Kaster

    April 15, 2005 at 9:43 am

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