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New QualityCentral feature: automatic notifications

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Rob Schieck, a TeamB member, is working on bug fixes and new features for QualityCentral. This blog entry is from a post he made to the QualityCentral newsgroup.

The purpose of this message is to explain the usage of the beta email notification features that have been added to Quality Central (QC) over the last several months.

There are two different methods to get email notification. Each one allows you to achieve different results. One is for specific reports and one for areas or projects.

The first way to get email notification for a specific report is, while viewing the report, choose "Activities | Track Report", from the combo box choose "Individual Email" or "Daily Digest of all Tracked Items" and press "OK".

If you selected "Individual Email" then QC will check every 5 minutes for changes to your report and will send you an email if there are changes to that report.

If you selected "Daily Digest of all Tracked Items" then QC will wait until shortly after midnight and then gather up all the changes to all of the reports that you are tracking as a "Daily Digest of all Tracked Items" and send them all to you in one email.

There are differences between the content of two options. While the "Individual Email" will send you the complete new comments made to a report, the digest version will only tell you that a comment was made.

You can have an unlimited number of different reports emailed to you. Those that you want to know about as soon as possible you can be set up as "Individual Email" and those that are less important you can set up as "Daily Digest of all Tracked Items". What this notification method will not do is notify you when a new report created. In addition, you have to go to each report and set it up for email notification.

The Area Notification method allows you to select an area or a project for email notification. It will send you an email when a new report is created.

To create an Area Notification, select "Reports | Area Notification". You do not need to have a report selected to work with Area Notifications. The bottom half of the dialog box is used to add Area Notifications. You select an area or project you want, whether you want "Single Emails" or "Digest" and press add. If the process is successful, the grid on the top half of the dialog will be updated to show your addition.

To delete an area notification, select it in the grid at the top of the dialog and press the delete button. If successful, the grid will be updated to reflect your deletion.

If you add an area notification using the "Delphi-BCB" area, then you will receive notifications for all reports for "Delphi-BCB" and its child areas. If, on the other hand, you had chosen "Delphi-BCB-> Bold" then you would only receive notifications for "Delphi-BCB-> Bold" and the child areas of "Bold".

If you create an Area Notification on "Delphi-BCB" plus "Single Emails" and accidentally added it again, you would only get one notification for each change. If you added one as "Single Emails" and then added the other as "Digest" then you would get both single emails and a digest.

At the moment, configuration of Area notification is only available in the Quality Central Windows Client version and higher.


Written by John Kaster

December 15, 2004 at 4:57 pm

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