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New QualityCentral WSDL available

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The QualityCentral web service has been updated to support area notifications. You can see these new methods at the list of the human readable display for the web service.

Area notifications allow you to monitor new reports and updates to report for projects or a given area outline. The notifications will work from the notification point you set for that project or area, and all children beneath it in the area outline. Be sure to set the granularity level you want, or you will start seeing many notifications!

The new methods are:

  • base64Binary GetAreaNotify(string Sessionid) retrieves the list of area notifications you have set.
  • base64Binary AddAreaNotify(string Sessionid, int Project, int AreaID, int notify_event) adds a notification for a given area or project.
  • base64Binary DelAreaNotify(string Sessionid, int Project, string Area, int notify_event) which will remove an area notification.

The web services guide is woefully outdated, but it still provides handy start-up and interface information for the web service.


Written by John Kaster

December 8, 2004 at 10:50 am

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