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ClientDataSetGrid is finally updated!

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After years of extreme patience from users of the ClientDataSetGrid component, I’ve finally updated it to the latest version. You can get it here from CodeCentral. New features in this version include:

  • Support for VisualCLX
  • Support for Delphi versions up to 7.x
  • rewrote the arrow drawing routine to be more configurable and included the index order information
    implemented SetIndexIndicators
  • added TitleSort, ArrowShade, ArrowHighlight, ArrowColor
  • added ConfigureColumns & persistence for the columns with ConfigFile property
  • Adopted a suggestion from Ruud Bijvank for making sure the drawn arrow is not drawn over the title of the column.
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    Written by John Kaster

    July 20, 2004 at 11:20 am

    2 Responses

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    1. This component is very good.

      nailton franzoi

      February 8, 2005 at 4:13 am

    2. I made the alteration below to support the alignment right, but in some cases the text of the number shows greater, some suggestion to correct?

      AFont := TFont.Create;
      Canvas.Font.Name := SFontName;
      Canvas.Font.Size := FontSize;
      if Col.Title.Alignment = taLeftJustify then //Paulo
      Canvas.TextOut(TextPoint.x, TextPoint.y, IntToStr(Abs(Arrow[ACol]))) else
      Canvas.TextOut(TextPoint.x – Col.Width + 16, TextPoint.y, IntToStr(Abs(Arrow[ACol])));
      if Col.Title.Alignment = taLeftJustify then //Paulo
      Canvas.MoveTo(LeftPoint.x, LeftPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := FArrowShade;
      Canvas.LineTo(MidPoint.x, MidPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := FArrowHighlight;
      Canvas.LineTo(RightPoint.x, RightPoint.y);
      Canvas.LineTo(LeftPoint.x, LeftPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := OldPenColor;
      Canvas.MoveTo(LeftPoint.x – Col.Width + 16, LeftPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := FArrowShade;
      Canvas.LineTo(MidPoint.x – Col.Width + 16, MidPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := FArrowHighlight;
      Canvas.LineTo(RightPoint.x – Col.Width + 16, RightPoint.y);
      Canvas.LineTo(LeftPoint.x – Col.Width + 16, LeftPoint.y);
      Canvas.Pen.Color := OldPenColor;

      Paulo Geloramo

      August 3, 2007 at 5:51 pm

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